How do you repair the burner valve on a stove

Welcome to our repair guide on replacing the gas burner valve in a cooktop. This model assumes you control your gas stove burners with knobs above your oven door handle. If the arrangement of your is different, look for a design guide that matches it. This guide will help you to replace or remove a gas burner valve. The burner is located behind the knob, not below the burner. Then, we’ll remove all the necessary pieces to reach these valves. Don’t worry. The repair involves many steps. However, you can complete each at home using a screwdriver and wrench. Each part of this repair is easy and hazardous.

Gather Supplies

Assemble your tools before beginning the repair. You will need two different types of screws, 1/4′” and 1/2′” wrenches, and work gloves so that you can protect your fingers from sharp edges on the panel. It’s also essential to have the correct replacement valve. Phillips Screwdriver Flat Screwdriver, 1 1/4” Wrench, A 1/2″ Wrench, Work Gloves, Replacement Burner Valve.

How do you repair the burner valve on a stove

Safety First

To complete this repair, you must cut the electricity. To do this, pull out the plug or, if the plug is not accessible, use the kitchen breaker. Shut the Gas. You will also need to shut the gas every time you perform a repair for a stove. Turn the valve on your stove clockwise. This will stop gas from entering your stove.

How to Disassemble the Burners

Remove the burner grate. Remove heavy enameled grate, which holds pots away from the burners. The time is right to wash the stove grate. Pull the burner head up. The burner heads should now be accessible. Pull up the burners. Remove the spark wires. Let the spark wires fall as you lift each burner’s head. Place the burners to the side.

Remove Top Panel

Then, insert a Putty knife under the top panel. There are clips on both sides. The top will pop up when you release the clips. Lift the Front Edge and Pull. Now, the top panel is loose. Lift the panel and pull it out of the cabinet. One wire is attached to the cabinet at the left-back corner. Use a 1/4” wrench to remove the ground wire. The ground wire prevents sparks or electric shorts. It is secured with a screw. Remove the 1/4” screw and pull out the ground cable. Set aside the top panel. Now, you can remove the top panel entirely and set it aside.

Access to the Burner Valves

Remove the knobs on your burner control valves. Remove the mounting screws from behind the knobs. Each post will have a screw directly above it. Remove all screws. Open the Oven Door. Remove screws from above and below the knob panel. Remove the screws at the bottom edge of the knob panel. Remove the screws at the top of the knob panel. Set aside the knob panel. Remove the knob panel from the top stove panel. Remove the bracket screws, and remove the bracket along top. Now, you can see a long support brace along the tops of the valves. Remove the screws holding the top bracket. Set the bracket and the screws aside.

Remove the Old Burner Valve

Find your valve. The burner to which the valve is connected will help you identify which one to replace. Release the Spark Switch using a Flat Screwdriver.

Replace the coupling

The spark switch is the plastic wire-strung clips around the post valve. To release the plastic arms, use a flat screwdriver. Unhook Spark Switch. Leave Wires Connected. After unclipping, move the spark plug forward to detach it from the valve. Do not touch the wires of the spark-switch after this. Use a 1/2″ Wrench to Remove the Gas Tube From the Valve. The gas pipe connects the valve to the burner. With a 1/2″ wrench, remove the nut that holds the gas pipe to the valve. Remove the Valve Mounting Clamp. The valve is held in place by a small bracket or clamp that has a screw. Remove the clamp and the screw to release the valve. Throw away the old valve.

Installing the New Burner Valve

Align New Valve with Bracket. The new valve should be aligned with the previous one on the mounting bracket. Mounting Clamp. Install the clip in place and then screw the screw back so that the valve is secured. Return the Gas Tube for the Burner. Install the gas hose onto the valve and align the burner. Clip the Spark Switch. Slide the spark switch over the new burner post. Clip the ignition switch in place.

Reassemble the Stovetop

It’s now time to reverse the steps to reassemble the oven. This is a quick review of the steps to back it together. Do not forget to place the mounting screw and the ground wire.

Test your Success

Test your new valve now to confirm that it worked. If you turn on the burner, check if a blue circle appears. You can contact us to get more information about home appliance repairs or schedule a home assistance technician. If you experience difficulties with your Thermador burner. read our manual.

How do you repair the burner valve on a stove
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