How To Replace A Gas Oven Ignitor

How often do you put your casserole, roast, or pizza in the oven and set the temperature? As long as your oven is hot, baking is easy. What happens if the oven does not heat up? The electric oven igniter may be why your oven is not heating up. These words may sound intimidating and even dangerous. But don’t worry. You can easily change it with some patience and the tools in your electrical toolbox.

Safety Considerations

Open the windows if you can smell gas when you open the oven. Turn off the main gas valve as well as the control dial. Call a plumber to inspect the oven if you notice a gas smell in the oven. Do not try to fix it on your own. Get everyone out immediately if you smell gas in your kitchen or elsewhere. Call 911 outside.

How To Replace A Gas Oven Ignitor

Before Beginning

This is an easy fix; just be sure to work slowly. A certified appliance repairperson is always recommended to replace mechanical components on an appliance if the task seems too difficult. Before you begin, check if your appliance is still under warranty. It’s essential to check your warranty information first. Calling the professionals is wise in these cases. You can visit your local appliance retailer or consult the manufacturer’s website for a replacement igniter. If you want to replace the part on your oven, you will need its exact model number. Disconnect the power from any appliance you intend to work on. You can unplug an appliance’s cord or shut off the circuit breaker to accomplish this. To double-check, use a tester to ensure the circuit is turned off.


Access Ignitor

Once you know the power is off, open the oven and remove the racks to access the base plate. Remove the two screws that are holding the base plate on. They are at the rear. Remove the oven plate to reveal the Ignitor.

Remove old Ignitor

The Ignitor should be located. The installation of the new ignition will be the same. Unplug two wires (or a wire harness) from the Ignitor. Untwist any wire nuts holding the Ignitor’s wires to the appliance’s wires. Remove the two screws holding the ignition in place. Then, remove the Ignitor.


Installing the New Ignitor

Place the new Ignitor precisely like you did with the old one. The Ignitor is fragile; you cannot use it if it cracks or chips. The two screws are used to secure the Ignitor. Connect the wires to the Ignitor. Connect the cables with new ceramic wire nuts if your Ignitor has wire nuts.

How to Reassemble an Oven

Install the cover plate at the bottom of your oven. Secure it using the two screws located on the back of the plate. Install the oven racks. You are now ready to test your oven.

Test your Oven

Plug in the cord or turn on the circuit that feeds the oven. Heat the oven so that it heats up and ignites quickly.

How To Replace A Gas Oven Ignitor
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