What can I do when the Viking Oven won’t light up but the burners still work?

Although most Viking parts failures are best left to a professional, you can sometimes solve the problem yourself. Use these common reasons to streamline your troubleshooting.

Check out the controls on your oven

It is worth trying some simple functions before assuming the Viking oven has a problem. To begin, check the controls on your oven. The oven will only start when a temperature setting and a function selection are made. Door locked during self-clean setting: The oven door will be locked after self-cleaning. The cooking functions and oven settings will also remain locked. Once cooled, the oven’s door unlocks automatically. The door lock indicator light turns off and is ready to use. A self-cleaning cycle was accidentally selected. Turn the temperature knob and the function selector knob to “off” to stop the cycle. If you’ve recently cleaned the range knobs and replaced them incorrectly, it will prevent the oven from turning on. Make sure to refer to the user manual for the correct way to replace the knobs.

What can I do when the Viking Oven won't light up but the burners still work?

Viking Oven Igniter Faulty

A faulty igniter can be the main reason Viking gas models work, but their ovens won’t start. A defective igniter can cause the gas valve in your oven to open, allowing you to use gas from home. The igniter will then need to create an electrical spark to light the gas flowing through it. If the burner cannot do either, the oven will never start. A broken stove igniter makes a clicking sound. But a faulty igniter in the oven may be visible. It will likely be inaccurate if the igniter does not produce a spark and the gas ignites more slowly than 30 seconds. The igniter must be replaced if a multimeter test confirms this and lacks continuity.

Broken Heating Element

When your Viking electric oven will not turn on, but the burners are working, it is usually due to a broken heating component. Heating elements at the bottom and top of the oven provide heat for baking and roasting. When working correctly, both elements should have a steady red glow and an even, constant heat; how do you determine if the heating element in a Viking oven is broken? The food will be baked unevenly. Visible damage: Cracks, breaks, or blisters are all common signs. Interrupted glow of red: The element can have dark patches or may not glow at any time. If you see any of these signs and the heating element fails a multimeter test without continuity, it is time to replace it.

The Oven Thermostat has failed

The thermostat monitors heat fluctuations and signals the igniter to increase heat. The igniter will not know when to increase heat in a malfunctioning thermostat, and the oven cannot start. It may sometimes begin to, but never reach, the temperature set. Check the thermostat continuity using a multimeter if your Viking oven is not working but its burners are lit. If there is no continuity, the thermostat should be replaced. Sloan Appliance’s experts can help if your Viking oven won’t turn on, but the burners are working fine. Call us to schedule your Viking oven repair today! For easier Viking appliances repair, read our manuals.

What can I do when the Viking Oven won’t light up but the burners still work?
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