How to Fix a Microwave turntable that won’t rotate

Take your time purchasing a brand-new microwave once you have resolved the problem. Often, some DIY can fix the issue that keeps your microwave plate from rotating. You may need a few essential tools and knowledge about what is happening inside your appliance to correct the problem.

Diagnosing the Microwave that is not spinning

A few internal or external issues can stop a spinning plate. A microwave repair specialist can help you if you feel uncomfortable using a tool to examine your appliances.
Here are the steps an appliance technician would take: Make some basic checks. Ensure there is no debris or food in the path of the turntable. If the turntable can be turned off, ensure it isn’t selected. Also, ensure that the dish is on the right side. If you start the Microwave, ensure it’s locked and the door is shut.

How to Fix a Microwave turntable that won't rotate

Clean the Microwave. You can clean out any dirt, food residue, or other buildups clogging your Microwave. Sticky messes or general grime accumulation can affect the spin of your turntable. It is essential to clean your appliances regularly. This will reduce their need for other maintenance. Inspect the motor drive. This is what spins your plate when you start the Microwave. You’ll find it below the turntable. If the plate is making jerky movements or you hear a grind, the drive motor may be faulty. Replace it. Use a Multimeter to check the continuity of the motor if it is not working smoothly. Remove the bottom panel of the Microwave after removing the entire power cord. Connect the multimeter to both wires on the bottom of the motor. The drive motor will likely be fine if you get zero continuity. You can then reassemble the micro. If you see any other numbers, it’s time to replace the motor.

Tray support is essential. The microwave tray sits atop a support. Usually, this is a circular or triangular frame with wheels that guide the plate along a track. The tray must be removed. The support that sits on the coupling should quickly come off. Look for any cracks or signs of wear, focusing on the wheel. Cleanse the wheels and track, and ensure everything is spinning smoothly. Check for the tray coupling. Just underneath the support, you should find the coupling. It is typically made of hard plastic and sticks out from the center of the Microwave. It spins when it’s turned on. This makes the support and plate rotate. The triangle-shaped prongs may be under a round, rectangular, or square plate. Set aside the microwave tray as well as its support. The coupling should be removed to inspect for damage and wear, especially in the hole where the coupling attaches to its motor. If it’s not fastened securely, the drive motor cannot turn.

Do you Need the Spinning Plate?

If the microwave plate isn’t spinning, that’s OK. A static microwave tray will work if you are not a frequent microwave user or are OK with standing up to stir the reheating burrito halfway through. If you decide not to repair your microwave plate, your food may heat unevenly or have cold spots. Microwaves that are used frequently should consider getting repaired or purchasing a brand-new microwave. It’s worth repairing some small appliances. Why don’t some microwaves spin? Since the technology was developed in the 1980s in older models, they don’t feature a rotating plate. Many commercial microwaves also don’t rotate. This allows for easier cleanup, fewer broken parts, and the ability to microwave large or unusually shaped foods. Commercial microwaves usually come with a feature to prevent uneven heating. These include stirrers, heated bottoms, and convection functions.

Do you Need the Spinning Plate?

Turn Your Microwave Problems Around

You should get hands-on with the problem when your microwave turns. We can help if the problem is more significant than you feel comfortable tackling. We are experts in servicing and fixing all types of appliances.

How to Fix a Microwave turntable that won’t rotate
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